Happy birthday masi!!❤️

@Jinoo777: Thanks also ma bro Donghae@donghae861015 I’m impressed (by) your visiting kk pic.twitter.com/DdV3FlwN5I

140404 members30's Instagram update with Eunhyuk:

Friend:  What present do you want for your birthday?

Friend:  let’s trade with a Jordan

Friend: kkkkkkkkk

Eunhyuk: I’ll give you insoles for your Jordan

Friend2: Give me that

Friend2: what cm?

Eunhyuk: 3 cm

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140404 Siwon Weibo Update: Happy birthday my love @/haohaohyuk always love you and be with you.. :^) even you are crazy monkey.. :^D love you my friend happy birthday to you :^)

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TRANS: its my 29th birthday! Thanks to all who has wished me~ Eunhyuk is treating today!! Swing daebak! SJ-M daebak!

* Eunhyuk giving presents to ELF( rice cakes)*


Baby is the best!

Kyuhyun’s tight grip on Sungmin’s wrist when he thought Sungmin was moving away from him

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babysitter heenim

Beware this boy will haunt your kids

Yoona get caught stealing that little girl kiss by byuntae